We strive to be the most valued and trusted member of your service team.

AM-KO‘s proactive approach to training is consistent with our overall company philosophy of maintaining long-term, supportive relationships that are mutually beneficial for both our clients and our employees.

You’ve hired professional to keep your facility looking good. We make sure they’re trained to be the best in the business and professional in every way.

Wether large or small, your property will be staffed with highly-trained personnel. AM-KO will never assign a new employee to a project without full training and a complete understanding of what’s expected from them.

AM-KO employees participate in both site-specific safety training as well as industry mandated training which includes various OSHA issues, such as:

Chemical handling procedures
Proper lifting procedures
Bloodborne pathogens
Equipment usage techniques

Employees new to the janitorial profession are fully trained in a lll aspects of cleaning. These training sessions include film and voice tapes and involve highly supervised on-the-job training sessions at smaller accounts. Since 1985, we’ve determined this method of teaching is truly the most effective way to show an employee exactly what the standards are in each particular facility.

On-the-job training is also required of all Management Staff. As part of our Quality Control Program, we conduct frequent review meetings between Supervisors and Project Managers to ensure that all quality standards are met or exceeded.


You can count on all AM-KO employees to maintain a clean, neat physical appearance and brave as fully trained professionals.

Consistency in all respects is a pre-requisite for each and every individual associated with AM-KO, and only persons proving themselves in these regards are designated to maintain your facility.