Consulting Service

Every facility has different needs with various tenant concerns. Since 1985, we’ve been providing janitorial services for office buildings, factories and schools, we know the value of understanding the particular needs and requirements of each and every client.

We find that this innovative creative partner approach better serves your needs and also lets us know exactly what you want and expect so that we can make sure we meet and exceed your standards.

If you’ve been in this business for a while, you know that taking the time to explain and outline your specific janitorial needs and concerns is time well invested. You know that it takes time to do a good job- and that your time investment is best made before a service is selected, not after a company has proven unreliable.

Beginning with a thorough consultation ensures tat you get a quote that’s both realistic and cost-effective. We believe it’s also the best way to begin a long-term partnership of mutual respect.

Once that partnership is established, you’ll find us flexible and easy to work with in many ways. For example, your building occupancy or business hours may shift, and you find that your needs would be better serviced on a Sunday through Thursday cleaning schedule rather than the standard Monday through Friday.

AM-KO is flexible enough to shift with you, carrying out our custodial services in a swift and efficient manner at whatever times best suit you with the least disturbance to your tenants.

Anybody can throw you a price, but if you need assistance with a program….

You’ll get a proactive advice from one of only 270 Certified Building Service Executives (CBSE) internationally on how to achieve the cleanest environment possible at a price within your budget.

Invite us to sit down with you to develop an effective, well thought out scope of work, or simply ask to review our standardized one.

We’ve come to see our cleaning service as an extension of your management team. Keeping aware of this partnership has taught us the value of creativity, integrity and accountability.

All of this is why, at AM-KO, putting action behind words is a way of life.