We take the security of each and every project very seriously. Your tenants need to feel safe at all times- especially when working after hours- and a cleaning crew should be the least of their worries.

Our strict security policies are an important part of our service and reputation. These rules are enforced not only to ensure your tenant’s safety, but also to provide you with true peace of mind.


One way we accomplish this is in making make sure all AM-KO personnel are always properly uniformed with an AM-KO ID on their person at all times. Employees are never permitted to work their shift if they forget or loose their badge. As an added benefit, uniforms (supplied by AM-KO) are of an attractive, professional design so that our employees present a good image while in your building.

Our cleaning crews adhere not only to our strict security policies, but also to any policy or plan you may already have in place.

Not only do we train our cleaning personnel in any additional site-specific security protocol, we also make sure that employees at every level are trained to recognize and report any suspicious activity to their immediate supervisor or your security personnel.


We understand the importance of protecting your property and personnel, and do not take the situation lightly.


Only after a cleaner passes our extensive background check is he or she allowed the privilege of entering your building. AM-KO is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and we make sure that every employee provides legal documentation of employment eligibility.

Perhaps part of the reason for our very low employee turn – over (an average of 25% as opposed the industry average of 200%) is that we are very careful about whom we hire and are very concerned about our staff. If however, an AM-KO employee at any level is ever suspected of wrongdoing, he or she is immediately suspended from work pending a formal investigation. We make sure to furnish the results of any such investigation to you, and only upon your complete approval would the employee return back to work.